Stitching & Thinking - Mending at the Museum

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‘Stitch and Think’ is a research group developed by Janet Haigh and Dawn Mason at the University of the West of England (UWE). In collaboration between UWE and Bristol Museum textile collection, the ‘Stitch & Think’ group created an exhibition called ‘Stitching & Thinking, Mending at the Museum’, in response to the beautiful darning samples held at the Red Lodge in Bristol.

Participating artists: Janet Haigh, Dawn Mason, Jilly Morris, Jessica Turrell, Stephanie Wooster, Dail Behannah and Basil Kardasis. Museum: Karen Walton – curator of applied arts, Bristol museum. Exhibition at Bristol Museum, November 2012 to April 2013


Mending Takes Time – apron installation

‘Mending Takes Time’ emphasises today’s quick-fix, inexpensive and disposable culture by stitching first-aid plasters onto an installation of self-made aprons; by artist Jilly Morris.

The title of the work produced is ‘Mending Takes Time’ and refers to the functional stitching that was traditionally taught as part of a girl’s general education, as a transferable skill in an era when fabrics were ‘treated with regard’ and material was frequently mended to preserve a precious commodity – so at odds with our easy access to all types of fabric from all over the world.

The cross-shape, made by various commercial medical dressings, recall the basic shape of most darns seen on the samplers. When executed in ready-made modern plasters, Jilly references the ‘quick fix’ mentality and ‘disposable culture’ of the present day.