Remember Me

An interdisciplinary exhibition & conference for the charity BRACE (Bristol Research into Alzeimers and Care of the Elderly) in collaboration with the University of the West of England (UWE), science & art departments. Artists were invited to work closely with scientists to produce artworks to raise public awareness & understanding of the scientific, social and medical effects of Alzheimers’s disease.

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Remember me – UWE & BRACE UK, 2008

Participating artists & scientists : Jessica Turrell, Shelley James, Jilly Morris, Rae Martin, Barbie McClure, Elizabeth Turrell, Jan Martin, Anne Shaw, Judith Ratledge, Nina Hartley, Jean Flack Munday, Jillian McLaren, Matthew Partington, Jan O’Highway, June Heap, Lyn Stevenson, Sue Halloway, Sue Freeborough, Judith Eaton, Jenni Catlow, Theresa Sundt, Sally Haynes, Ed Silverton, Karen Hayes, Richard Aylwin, Gill Jenkins, Claire Jenkins, Joanne Wilkins, Jan Kilford.

“Honestly… I Can’t Remember!”

Graphite, pastel, wax, nails, staples, graphite powder, ink, thread on paper, wire.
110 x 120 cm

An installation in response to Alzheimer’s disease. A series of wire and paper ‘memory cells’ were created. Memory cells were both empty and full and hung together as a large network, portraying the overwhelming sense of empty memories that engulf the remaining thoughts, and the disconnectedness between thought processes.

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